We take Privilege in introducing ourselves as a team of computer service professionals & prominent computer hardware suppliers. Technocrats, who have served the IT industry for several years, founded Madhu Infotech in the year 1999. Today we have the honors of serving several Clients who envy our services. Over a period of time we have structured the way the service industry needs to work with a work force that are available to our clients just a call away.We have designed and implemented effective systems that are in place to track each and every detail to the micro level.

From Call Logging to Call tracking to inventory management we have systems in place that are on par with the industry standards. Prompt response, through subject knowledge, ample spare support & providing cost-effective solutions have made us to enjoy the benefits of existing clientele and earned a good name for our services. Processes and systems have driven our business. Generic processes have been worked out for each service and they are customized for every customer.

Company Profile

Madhu Infotech India PVT. LTD was founded in 1999. It is a leading IT company in the country with an impeccable history of providing high-quality IT services and solutions to thousands of satisfied clients. Our wide array of services is specifically tailored to cater all your business’ needs. May it be software solutions, hardware supplies, or technology leasing services, Madhu Infotech makes sure that you get the best in everything. We provide solutions to help increase your customer efficiency, boost your customer interaction and engagement, gather accurate analytics and reports, target your intended clients, create a mobile app version of your company, and much more. We also have different service divisions such as extended works, lease tech, mentors It, mycompherals, optibiz, and worth It. As a leading IT company all throughout India, Madhu Infotech makes sure to be updated on the latest trends and demand in the country’s IT industry. In addition, we also make sure to partner only the best providers in the niche; and together with our partners, we provide you with efficient solutions that will help grow your business successfully.

Our Philosophy

Madhu Infotech focuses on providing outstanding and professional IT services, solutions, and hardware supplies at reasonable prices. We believe that the key to a successful business is the quality of services that it offers to its clients, and this is what we want to bring to your business. We want to help you reach your business’ potential by giving you all the assistance and support that you need. Through our reliable services, we can work hand-in-hand to transform your business into one of the top-selling companies in the country. We do not just offer IT services; we provide solutions that will solve the occurring issues that your company faces. We do not just offer high-quality solutions; we provide a holistic and specified service that helps you surpass your competitors in the market. Madhu Infotech is designed to anchor all your needs; may it be big or small. With our various service divisions, you can ensure that we have the right and practical solutions for company’s IT challenges.


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